Success Stories

  • Story of Daw Su Su Mar, Laundry Business in North Dagon - Myanmar

    Daw Su Su Mar is the one of the members of Center No.11, Group No 04 of MIFIDA and live in No-387, Aung Chan Thar 3 Street, 51 Ward, North Dagon Township, Yangon Region. She is 37 years old and live with her husband and children. Since 2019 she became one of the MIFIDA member still.

  • Before joining to MIFIDA

    Before taking loan from MIFIDA, she run small roadhouse by selling rice and curry and her husband also worked as a worker in an iron grille door business. She got the information about MIFIDA from her friend and decided to take loan from MIFIDA because the interest rate, repayment systems and other service are comfortable and convenient for her.

  • Current Financial Status

    From the beginning of the laundry business, her daily income was more convenient than last 3 years and she didn’t need to worry about repayment also. Her husband is now earning as a self-employed worker and earning more income than as a former ironworker. So, their family subsistence is more convenient than before. It is not a burden for her to pay the instalments regularly. Also MIFIDA disburse loans for her as usual even in the pandemic situation.

  • After joining to MIFIDA

    After taking loans, she invested in her husband's own business, iron grille door business and she also bought the washing machines and started the laundry and ironing business. She said that selling rice and curry made her more tired because she was selling even in the bad weather and didn’t get time to rest although she felt unwell. After taking the loan from MIFIDA, she was able to completely change to another type of business for having better income and time manageable job to have work-life balance. She and her husband are able to start their own businesses and thankful for MIFIDA support. She said her thought that she might have more chance to infect by Covid-19 if she continues working on previous business which she need to communicate with numbers of clients daily during this pandemic. The laundry business is able to work in-house which reduces the risk of infection and makes her safer to operate daily.

  • Concept on Company

    MIFIDA didn’t give burden for repayment to members during the pandemic situation and continued the loan disbursement process regularly for the clients. She didn’t expect that she will get the next loan during the pandemic situation. She was very surprised when the staff came and gave the loan to her home during that crisis situation. She was very excited and appreciate to MIFIDA.

  • Betel, Electronic and phone accessories shop owner

    Daw Nwel Nwel Htun is the one of the members of Center No.48, Group No 9 of MIFIDA and live in Mingalaryarma street,(65) ward, South Dagon Township, Yangon Region.She is 28 years old and live with her husband. In Currently, she own the Betel, Electronic and phone accessories shop.

  • Before joining to MIFIDA

    She got the money(120000 Kyats by monthly) from her husband who the staff of the steel and metal housing material making business. And then MIFIDA has general meeting in theirs words, say that theirs wards authority who interested people can listen. So that, her attend the general meeting. First cycle loan amount(150,000Kyats) is she don’t want to borrow .But, if she has business she get the profit from her business. She don’t requested the money from her husband. Her mother advice to borrow from MIFIDA. Therefore she achieved the first cycle general loan (150,000)kyats in 15.1.2016.

  • After joining to MIFIDA

    She start open the betel shop that loan. Her named the betel shop “Shwe Sin”. First time she get (4000Kyats) profit from betel shop. One month later she get (8000Kyats) profit. Two month later she collected the money (200,000Kyats). She bought motor cycle. Her husband carry the passenger that motor cycle that business get the profit (8000Kyats) in one day. Six month later, because of her followed MIFIDA discipline. She received the extra loan. She re-added that extra loan in betel shop.

    One year later, she get second cycle general loan(300,000Kyats). Her father pay some money to capitalize in Electronic and phone accessories shop. She combine the second cycle loan and that money. She opened the Electric and phone accessories shop. And then, she full paid the extra loan. She get the micro enterprise loan (1,500,000Kyats). That loan, she selling hand phone, phone charger ropes, earphone, phone top up card, phone sim card, phone sound box, bulb with betel shop. She had the profit (800000Kyats) from betel shop and electronic and phone accessories shop. She austerity the expenses and she save the money to increase her business.

  • Visible increases

    • Possession (Betel From Electronic and phone accessories shop)
    • Income (Former, only her husband income 120000Kyats From betel and Electronic and phone accessories shop income 500000Kyats and her husband income 300000Kyats)
    • Expenses (More donation)
    • Saving habits ( More saving eg. Re-add the capital and to buy motor car)
  • Invisible increase

    • Managing ability
    • Business Knowledge
    • Income and Expense administrations
  • Concept on Company

    She sees that MIFIDA has many good services such as loan type and loan size, savings which are not always late and can give on time for that services. The polices are systematic and staffs’ behavior, communication and services are also very good.

    She got believe in herself by starting with loan amount of 1.5lakhs and opened betel shop and electric shop. She doesn’t need to feel dejected because she can make her own income, now. She joined-hand faithfully with only MIFIDA, not joining with other microfinance companies.

  • Future Expectation

    She hopes that she will invest more goods and products in her shop and she will change her shop to the better selling shop in the future. If she has her children in the future, she will try to make her children to stay and attend at the high standard schools. She also decides to do like that definitely.